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Making you Meaningful

If you’re scheduling an event to be a focus for new leads or increase your sales numbers then the entire thing depends on how flawlessly you handle to communicate your brand. Events are a significant tool for promotion, and whether you’re running for a business or an organization, it’s your accountability to line up all event communication with your brand.

Srashta has established relationships with hotels, venues, and suppliers and can negotiate excellent rates on your behalf. We also know all the added value you can get – getting you more for your money and adding to the experience. All these insider relationships and information mean you save money on everything you need. We will save you and your team late nights, headaches, and the hassles of organizing the event yourself.

The early brief and planning are critical to a flawlessly executed event.  A successful event requires a detailed master plan and a timeline and budget that is adhered to. Srashta will create these for you and agree from the outset of the key objectives, responsibilities, and targets. We will ensure your success from the get-go.

Srashta uses an array of tools and software that allows them to communicate with attendees slickly and professionally. This can be anything from creating an event-specific website that showcases all your event details such as the conference program, map, attendee list, the exhibitor list, speaker photos, and biographies – to online registration, deliver joining instructions and finally a text message reminder of the venue postcode the day before. These systems ensure your event is professional and slick for all attendees.

Another key area of technology is the AV requirements of your event and to select and work with an AV team that delivers the best solution with the best pricing. In particular business, clients appreciate full attention from their hosts and are open to building relationships and planning future business endeavors during an event. The post-corona-period before the event a good health & safety management plan would have been devised and submitted to the venue. This would determine all the risks and implementation of the strategies to help remove the risk.

Choosing to hire Srashta just makes good sense if you want to have a successful event that you and your guests can enjoy.

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